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Re: Archiving: CD vs. DVD

Originally Posted by dcbullet
Archiving makes trading very, very easy. I have done numerous trades where we will trade several shows on 1 DVD. The DVD is burned with directories of each show and those directories have shn/flacs, info.txt files (with lineage 99% of time), artwork if any, etc.

That way it saves me and my trading partner a lot of time EACing and then burning 12-15 CDRs. I don't know if he can use EAC right, or if he burns 40x speed. This way the final burn to CDR is the end-user's responsibility.
yeah , i'd rather trade the d/l files as well , for the last reason cited , it's their own burn they'll be listening to in the end.
i'm thinking about just getting a better sound card and speaker setup on my box and just archive stuff once and be done with a lot of xtra cd's bought etc. , then just listen to the files right off of that on my pc w/ foobar or whatever else can play 'em....
of course , there's the added problem of my archive discs being handled a lot more.....

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