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Re: Archiving: CD vs. DVD

i don't archive, but maybe i should. its almost like a waste of a CD if i do that now. i have one CD-RW that holds 1 show at a time ( ). it might be smart to start archiving, but i don't have the money for dvd+r's (much less cd-r's) and i don't have a dvd burner (yet). i just want to get an external hard drive in a few years that's 300 gb or so, so i don't have to worry about archiving that much.

when i first started collecting a few months ago i screwed myself over big time by downloading and burning a bunch of nirvana mp3 shows. about 2 months ago i realized that if i ever wanted to trade or seed, i couldn't. even then when i started downloading from EZT and here, i didn't keep my gens. 1 month ago i started keeping track of everything and labeling it all thoroughly.
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