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Re: Archiving: CD vs. DVD

Originally Posted by AndreaSueEllen
nothing irritates me more than having to split up a show because its like 710 MB and the disc only holds 703.something. i need to find a good cheap external dvd burner...soon.
If it's that close, and you use Nero to burn your discs, an overburn is a generally safe way to fit that extra little bit onto a disc - The newest Nero will automatically ask you if it's within the safe range if you'd like to overburn.

I will second that it's annoying as all hell to split a show onto two discs, especially when it's close.... If it's a HUGE 'boot (ie the 10 Disc Beatles BBC Sessions by Purple Chick, or Bob Dylan & The Grateful Dead Rehersals 6 disc set) I just burn it off onto one DVD.
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