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Re: Archiving: CD vs. DVD

I would go f'ing crazy if I had to go back to archiving on cdr. It's easy to keep up with what's where if you use an excel file for your list. I list my shows alphabetically, and have a column for "disc number" If I"m looking for something, it's usually an artist, not a disc number, so an alphabetical scan reveals where the show is. But if I want to find out what all is on one specific disc, a filter in excel would make that very easy.

I highly recommend switching to DVDr. I've been burning intermittently for the last two days, and have half cleared an 80 GB drive. It makes things SO much simpler. No more splitting shows, because the show is 850 MB or something.

I can't stress enough how much simpler things are since I switched to DVDr.
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