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Archiving: CD vs. DVD

So, after lurking around for the last little while, and reading how ya'll keep your collections organized, stored, and archived (this thread has been of particular help), I've noticed that a majority of you out there archive to DVDs. I considered doing this for quite awhile, but realized it was going to be a pain in the ass to keep track of where any certain boot may be, much less the nightmare of organizing DVDs full of random artists - My question here being, do you use CD or DVD archiving, and why? I currently use CDs stored in slim cases with custom made spine labels, all stored in GINORMOUS tupperware containers. The pros being they're easier to sort, easier to find, and the impact of 500 CDs in slim cases with spine labels full of AWeSOME tunes makes me feel all funny and warm inside. The cons are, that's a shit ton of CDs to move around.

So how the hell do you do it?
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