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Re: More on vinyl transfer/lineage questions

thanks for not taking offense, AAR.oner.

a program i like to use when i'm doing analog > WAV transfers, i.e. times when i have to watch the incoming signal volume, is Samplitude 2496. it has the "classic" looking level meter - with the colors to help you watch the levels (green is low, yellow is better, and red means you're in the "keep a close eye on it and adjust as necessary" range). when i'm transferring DATs (where the incoming signal is the same volume as the recording has), i just use CDWave to record.

as far as #4 in the above post, i know Terratec makes some photo preamps. i cannot attest to their quality as i've never used one, but it could be worth looking into. i think they're "standard" model is something like $99. not too pricey for someone with box(es) of vinyl they want to convert to CDR, IMO.

oh, one other general piece of advice for doing analog > WAV conversions, use GOOD quality cables (especially from turntable > preamp).
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