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Re: From WME to WMCE.....

Originally Posted by RainDawg
As far as I could guess, the main issue you should be concerned with is the internal firewall. I have been using XP SP2 for a while now, and the firewall is pretty easy to setup. I get green smiley on every torrent.

As a side comment, I am actually quite happy with the SP2 firewall and internet security stuff MS has added. I am no supporter of Microsoft, but the ability to monitor internet traffic and have better control as to what ports and what programs are allowed to use them right from within the OS is a nice feature. XP is light-years better than ME, so I think your upgrade is the right decision. If you have issues opening the firewall for the BT ports, I'm sure someone in this forum will be there to help .
Thanks,I too believe it's a nice upgrade & I have researched the firewall situation with BT & it does'nt seem to be the hard to take care of.

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