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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Originally Posted by lemonade View Post
I'm new here and I really like this site. I just found this thread and I really want to comment, because there is always a point about ratios that seems to be missed, although scratchie alluded to it. Why should someone with a poor ration automatically be thought of as someone who does not share or someone who is thoughtless? That person may be seeding their brains out, but not getting any uploads.

I've been a member of another site for a while, and I have always been listed in the stats as one of the top seeders, yet it took quite a while for me to get a decent ratio. And if you think it's because I downloaded too much, you're wrong. Plus, another problem is that unless you download and have enough seeds, then your ratio goes into the sinker even more, so it's a lose/lose situation.

This attitude that poor ratios somehow equal someone who is thoughtless and does not share is plain wrong, because some people with bad ratios really care about sharing and they seed constantly. I have come to realize that I can only hope and pray for leechers to my seeds, and it's a miserable process, because it so hard to get enough uploads, depending on what you've downloaded. I'd much rather upload than download, so don't judge unfairly. I only have one download on this site so far, and it's looking like it's going to take an eternity for me to have a good ratio here, even though I have been seeding continuously since I downloaded.

It's unfortunate we can't be measured by the amount of time we spend seeding, and not ratios, because unless the files are being uploaded, a person with a poor ration may be stigmatized very unfairly. My computer has taken a horrible beating since I started doing torrents, because it's running almost constantly in order to seed and attempt to upload. The internal fans are starting to roar, and it now needs maintenance because of the toll this has taken on it. I'm expecting that it will be trashed soon. Yet, I would still get called a thoughtless leecher with a poor ratio! It's enough to make me stop doing torrents, and I'm sure it will eventually come to that.

Anyway, hello everyone, and I'm happy to be a part of this community.
My thoughts exactly. Sometimes people just can't get good upload speeds. However, there's no way to discriminate between these people and leechers, so some form of action should be taken. Something like a warning to anyone with a ratio below .25, followed by a ban if this is not remedied within a few weeks or so. Eh I don't know.

I'm new to this whole music sharing deal; got into it after talking to a taper at Langerado. I will admit that until recently, I have been pretty ignorant in my leeching, with my share ratio dropping to .24, I believe. I've been seeding several DVD's constantly for the last three days or so, and I've managed to increase it to .44, much to the dismay of my laptop.

1.0 or bust!

-A repentant leecher
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