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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Originally Posted by vladsmythe View Post
Originally Posted by BaconAerosmith View Post
I really want to share heaps more again here I really love this site I have 20 to 30 new DVDs but I seriously get upset when I see someone selling them on YAHOO JAPAN AUCTIONS and I know it is some leecher from here.
Hey Buddy, how are you these days. You may have missed my comment before on this issue (mods delete my comments). Jerks will sell this stuff. I suspect that as the global economy worsens, more good people will do not-so-good things to make a buck. That is the reality. Take comfort that you share freely. My vids are sold by others. I can't control that. Just get over that hurdle and realize that once you put it up, anything can happen to it. When someone creates artwork for a show, I feel that it's just a greater invitation to get marketed. Fancy menus, covers - all great efforts are selling points at flea markets and online. I know it helped make money for Swingin' Pig and Yellow Dog etc.
Take care. Good to hear from you man.
vlad is right - unfortunately we can't do anything about the sellers. What we *can* do is spread the word to people on how they can get these shows for free. Once we point them towards a site like this (or Dime, or TC, or any of the tons of others), we need to be willing to help them out. We should all remember what it was like to be a newbie to bittorrent and how 'scary' it was at first.... and how complicated it seemed to burn a show or DVD.... so now we give back and help them out so it's easy for them. If we make it easy and painless for them, then they go and spread the word too and other users start using torrents to download these great live shows.

So yeah, it is awful that there are people that try to ruin it for us by downloading and selling. But, try to take a look at the larger picture, as vlad pointed out, that you are sharing stuff with others that they wouldn't get otherwise.

(And vlad, your comments aren't deleted. If they are lounge-like comments, they are simply thrown into a thread in the lounge for lounge-like comments made in other forums.)
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