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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Here's a view from a newbie: I've just got broadband (about a month ago), so I'm going on a feeding frenzy before I get the 'fair usage' letter! Also, with the demise of decent record fairs any more here in the U.K., it's the classic kid in a toy shop scenario. While I've been dling like mad, I'm aware of ratio, and do my best to ul, too. The things that slow this down are:- 1. I can only ul at a fraction of my dl speed (it is, after all, [b][u]A[b][u]dsl), and, 2. just when I'm getting good karma, I browse through the torrents, and see something else I fancy. 3. As a member of MWP, I put my first torrent up on there, and then left a message here pointing folks at that. As a newbie, and someone who grew up in the days when the White House had a computer, I havn't learned enough, yet, to do something clever like put it up here, too, and improve both my ratios at once! The thing I have found, like in real life when someone stops for a chat just because of the T-shirt you're wearing, is that most people here are friendly, and have more common sense in one finger than the whole of the Euro MP building. This weekend I will be leaving the pc seeding, while I'm in work, trying to get that magic ratio up. (Another thing, old seeds, where there's no other leechers, what if you want lots of those? Do you offset by seeding someone popular like the stones or pearl jam?) Anyway, there's a view, thanks for your time, zzz.
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