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Re: mpeg2 to dvd

First off you want to keep the steps to a minimum. Converting from one format to another then back to another is going to ruin whatever quality there is in the first place because the video is getting re-compressed each time.. You're trying something new to you so I'm not getting on to you, just informing. FLV is already a highly compressed format. The simplest solution for you would be to get VSO ConvertXToDVD. This program will take just about any video format and convert it directly to a playable DVD. It can even make some basic menus and chapters. Import the files, check a few options, and click convert. When it's done you'll have a VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folder. The AUDIO_TS folder will be empty. It was used a long time ago but not anymore. Most programs still leave it on there just in case a DVD player gets picky and wants to see that the folder actually exists, even if it's not used. The VIDEO_TS folder contains your actual DVD. Use ImgBurn in "Build Mode" to burn it to disc. If you have any specific questions about the programs you can PM me.
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