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EAC help (for newbie to EAC)

I have downloaded and unzipped EAC. At the moment, it is on my external firewire drive. When I tried to launch it by clicking on the app, my computer crashed (a rare occurrence). I'm running XP Pro, and have 3 CD drives -- an external Plextor PX712A, an internal DVD+-RW, and an internal DVD-ROM. I've read the tutorial linked in Five's signature, and some other tutorials as well, but can't figure out how to prevent the crash. As far as I can tell, there is no further installation to be done (other than perhaps installing the aspi layer .dll in the unzipped EAC folder, which I haven't done -- do I need this?). Should I put EAC on the same hard drive as my system? Do I need to have blank or audio CDs in all my drives before attempting to launch EAC? Help will be appreciated as always. TIA.
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