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Re: More on vinyl transfer/lineage questions

btw - no offense to AAR.oner - but i'd avoid using an Edirol UA-5 or the like (any Edirol devices), if possible. reason being: like the majority of Creative Labs soundcards, the Edirol units are NOT bit accurate. now, if that isn't an issue for you and you aren't looking for the best possible transfer, then you may as well get the cheapest USB/Firewire Edirol device you can find... like a UA-1D or something. just my two cents on that.

there are *some* USB/Firewire devices that will give a bit accurate signal, but the majority of them are a lot more costly than an intenral *bit-accurate* soundcard. for instance, the Zoltrix Nighingale soundcard has the CM8738 chipset, which is bit-accurate... they have either a toslink or S/PDIF coax digital input. you can get those brand spanking new on ebay for $30. talk about a bargain.

now, if you want a USB/Firewire device that's bit-accurate, look for a Nomad Jukebox 3... then you can make some audio recordings of concerts as well.
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