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Re: Setting up my own tracker

Don't know the deal with this
Originally Posted by Dragonnnnn
Comments were originally designed as a place to have an open discussion about a torrent, in an easily accessible location, hence on the torrent page. *It was never intended to be a place to show 'gratitude'. *Its purpose was to discuss any issues that might arise from the torrent, give informed opinions about the torrent, notification of any problems with said torrent, ask for different formats, etc.

Then it devolved into this thankfest thing that, while stroking the uploader's ego, is absolutely useless for any real purpose.

This whole 'thanks whoring' thing is a fairly recent phenomenon, and is in fact a bastardization of what the feature was intended for.

Personally, the # of people who download one of my uploads tells me far more about whether or not I did good than any number of 'Thank You!s' ever will.
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