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Re: What does PCM stand for?

Here's a slightly more qualitative and historical definition/background, plus the best resource around for issues of these sorts.

PCM is, as others here have mentioned, "pulse code modulation". This "technology" is still used today. However, as it pertains this lineage it is telling you that the MR (master reel) was transferred to a digital medium using PCM before DAT was around. So, despite the fact that both DAT and PCM use PCM technology the use of it in this lineage is to differentiate the two. The main difference is the actual tapes that were used and that 44.1kHz was NOT the sampling rate used, it is actually something just slightly less--which, will actually clock and lock (most of the time) digitally if you go PCM > DAT, but many people go analog out of the PCM deck to transfer to DAT, due to the inherent imperfect nature of the D>D transfer (the decimal difference in sampling rates).

PCM is seen a lot in Grateful Dead audio sources, as lots of the master reels were transferred to PCM and in the 80's (pre-DAT) many of the main GD tapers (Sean from LA for instance) were running Schoeps and other HQ condenser mics/pre-amps into PCM decks (which were BIG, btw) to master shows.

Here is the digital-audio bible:



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I've seen a few lineages like this recently...


...and I can't work out what PCM stands for. Can anyone help me out?
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