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Re: More on vinyl transfer/lineage questions

Thanks to everyone for their answers: this has been MEGA useful! I was planning on doing DAT > Creative SB Live digital daughter card > WAV; is this one that resamples (and could someone clarify the meaning of this - I figure it means it ignores the incoming digital frequency and reconverts to either 44.1 or 48 kHz?) I got a nice Technics turntable, also off eBay, fully automatic and fitted with an Audio Technica cartridge (don't know what model). It sounds good to my ears, the only trouble being that my amp doesn't have a phono stage, so I'm using a pre-amp, and I have not found to best way to earth the turntable. Is it OK to run a cable from its earth lead, into the earth pin of a mains plug? Thanks as well to everyone for the DAT recorder repair suggestions, however I am in the UK and could really do with a decent recommendation. The DAT recorder is a Sony DTC-ZE700; right now it won't even record or play, and has broken/eaten a DAT tape, so I think there's something wrong with the mechanism - the seller claims it was working when posted and we are working on a claim on the postal insurance.
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