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Re: What does PCM stand for?

Originally Posted by wazoo2u
And also.... rherron was being POLITELY sarcastic in answering your question. WHY ???? BECAUSE...... while many people who hang in tech forums are more than happy to undertake the challenge of solving problems and exercising their brains to benefit others, it is always preferred that the questioner has made the MINIMUM effort to look into the issue on their own, rather than oblige the forum member to answer the same question over and over, or (as in this case) conduct a mini lesson in audio engineering. A lot of times, you'll LEARN a lot about a subject from just the peripheral discussion about a topic, but it always will buy you a dose of respect if you take the time to TRY to work out the problem or question first. One of the basic techniques that I use with my experienced computer friends for problem solving basically consists of discussing exactly where to LOOK for information about the problem. You'll always learn more when you start skimming and absorbing material this way.
I agree that it can be annoying to a regular when people ask before searching. But I resent the accusation that I made no effort at all to look into the issue myself - I always search before I ask a question on any forum. For example, I've learned about FLAC fingerprints and shntool from the FAQ here, but this PCM question has had me stumped for a while. Before I started this topic, I searched the FAQ with no luck.

If I had posted on this site every time I had a tech question, my post count would be twice what it is. Have a look through Technobabble and see how many threads I've started in the past. Not many, huh? This is the first tech question I've asked here and I get flamed for it - I guess I'll know not to ask in the future. This is a good site, but IMO, there's a group of people here (mentioning no names) with an attitude problem who are all too willing to jump on people at any opportunity.
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