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Question torrents with no activity / share ratio

Just a random q...I'm new here, and noticed that there is a list in my profile of torrents I am currently on.

Historically, when I d/l, I like to try and leave the torrent on until I give back at least as much as I got. My share ratio here, for example, was ~1.5 until I d/l a U2 concert that currently has zero activity (but it's still above 1). My cumulative ratio on all sites is ~1.5 as well. To keep my ratio up, I d/l shows that are active, even if I don't want them, just to pass them on to others (like the two I am on right now).

But at some point, if a torrent goes dead (zero activity for a week or so) I usually delete it, if for no other reason than to clean up my system. So my question: since they are being listed in my profile, should I be leaving all torrents, even if they are dead, on at all times?

I doubt anyone will give me too much hassle since I keep my ratio up, but just in case...
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