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Re: Good cheap external hardrive !!

I have a 120 GB Maxtor One Touch and I like it.

$169 and here is the link:

Now, you can get bigger ones (300 GB for sure, maybe bigger). I got the 120 because I knew, no matter how large a drive I got, it would eventually fill up (I have burned over 1200 CDs and DVDs that I have downloaded thus far). There is no drive large enough to store everything (nothing I can afford). I just wanted something to hold shows for a week or two OR three until I got time to set down to burn them to CDs (I ususally wait until I have maybe 20 shows and then I just burn them all over 10 cups of coffee on a lazy Saturday morning). 120 GB is plenty to do that. And I have another 80 GB internal drive.

It hooks up via USB. Super easy to use. Shows up in My Computer as a separate drive letter. Works just like your hard drive. Couldn't be easier.

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