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Re: I retracked a show!

Originally Posted by Five
ps please tell me you made sure there's no SBEs
SBEs? What are those?

Research told me that CDWave automatically splits in the right place, and an shntool len check confirmed.

God the show I retracked was soooo messed up. The beginnings of almost all the tracks were on the ends of the previous tracks, which I didn't notice until I started spot checking individual tracks before including the show in a loop since if you listen to it continuously it's not apparent.
And there were several long stories, one of which had about a minute at the end of one track and about a minute at the beginning of the next track. It may have even been split in the middle of a word! So I split them out as their own tracks. Not a difficult task, but it took a decent amount of time.

How's that for excitement, Five?
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