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Re: BitTorrent 4.0 is now out !!

It was asking if I've donated... I click "no" then it gives me a popup with firefox. I was struggling to seed a torrent with it. Started a torrent, it wanted to put it on my desktop instead of asking me where to save it. So I have to delete that folder, close the client and restart it... another "have you donated"... I figure out that I have to get the old torrent out of the queue, then I find the setting to make it ask me where the files associated with my torrent are. I point it to the folder, it opens the folder... I try starting it, it creates a new folder within that folder. So I delete it again, open the client again, tell it I haven't donated again, then just point it to C:/ (the dir containing the folder I want to point to). That didn't work either. Then I uninstalled it. I dunno, maybe I'm a little slow on the uptake but I've tried at least 5 clients and this is the only time I've been this confused.
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