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Re: Best way to store all these downloads?

Yes that would be a problem when using par2 files. I also have been considering using it when archiving, it has worked well in several cases of getting suff off the newsgroups. I wonder if a separate disc for the parfiles would work better? One reason I haven't started using it is the fact that I tend to stuff a bunch of shows on DVD and would need to figure out how much room is left for the par2 and set the parameters to fill the disc, but if I just put the data on a couple discs and the par2s on another I would then need to link them somehow. Maybe by using burntothebrim set for some set value I could always leave at least so much room to build parfiles, now that DL discs are an option though still costly this is more of an issue. Sorry to ramble on so, just tired from flying or sitting in planes all day.
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