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Re: Best way to store all these downloads?

i respectfully disagree with the comment that Case Logic cases are best for storing CDRs. i had a Case Logic a long time ago, several of them in fact, before i knew better. the plastic sleeves in those seem to scratch up discs quicker than if i just leave the CDRs laying on a table. unless maybe you just put the discs in the Case Logic case and never take them out...

RainDawg - i have a question about par2. i saw you mention it a little while back. i downloaded the program to create par2 files, and used it once or twice, but then my mind began wandering...

the par2 files create the "backup" data to restore unreadable contents on the data disc (DVDR/CDR), correct? well, what if the disc corrupts/degrades in a way such that part of the original files are unreadable (let's say 10%) and part of the par2 file(s) are unreadable (again, let's say 10%). wouldn't that mean that there's still come of the disc contents that will be completely unrecoverable? i mean, if some of the par2 file(s) are unreadable plus normal contents archived on the disc are unreadable, it seems as though the par2 system would fail in that scenario... however unlikely that scenario would be.

just trying to figure out if it's worth my time to use par2 for every archived show i have. i will be re-archving literally thousands of data CDRs (in SHN, FLAC, and a couple of other lossless compressed formats) all to DVDR to have a 2nd backup soon. so i'd like to go about my re-archiving/2nd backup as efficiently as possible.
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