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Torrents actual titles

Last night my David Crosby video torrent "David Crosby - One To One With John Tesh" was suddenly changed to "David Crosby - Interview" and then changed again to "David Crosby - Los Olivos". I remember recording the program when it aired in television, it was on a program called "One On One With John Tesh".

Who decides what a torrent is titled after it is seeded? How is this David Crosby title "David Crosby - One To One With John Tesh" any different than my previous David Crosby video "David Crosby - The Whoopi Goldberg Show" which was not edited my a moderator? If the names of the television shows from which videos are recorded are not allowed, shouldn't it apply to all torrents? Therefore, no "Tonight Show" "Sixty Minutes" "Sunday Night/Night Music" etc. This seems that it should be posted in the uploading guidlines.

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