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Re: Best way to store all these downloads?

Originally Posted by uhclem
You still haven't tried out Ogg Vorbis? I seem to recall you once said your Karma can play Ogg Vorbis. You would be able to fit about 5 times as much music on your Karma and I seriously doubt you would notice a difference in sound quality on a portable.
Oh, I absolutely use OGG-Vorbis for shows I'll be listening to over and over. I have a large hard drive with my favorites encoded at quality level 6 (I found I couldn't personally tell the difference at around 5, so 6 was a safe bet). I also have most of my official discs ripped to the hard drive as well so that I can take them on the road with me.

I use FLAC for checking the initial download. It's easier for me to just put a freshly downloaded show right on the Karma than it is to make a conversion, download the OGG files to the device, and then possibly delete them later. It should be said that I only carry around about 10-20 albums on my device at a time. Unless I'm taking a long trip, I only put on what I feel like listening to for that day. I use it for FLAC because it's more convenient for how I use it, not because of any percieved quality difference between the two.
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