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Re: firewall problem

Originally Posted by Bieke2be
I had to re-install the pc.
And now Iím having trouble with the firewall. The light is yellow and the download is slow.
os: windows XP pro, service pack 2, virusscanner: Norton, router: Develo
Windows firewall, turned off
Norton virusscanner: just the part for the email scanning is on.
The router: ports 6881-6889 are forwarded. (This was already ok before the re-install, and I didnít touched the configuration.)

I believe I did everything correct to get the green light.
(I had this before the re-install.)
Does someone have any ideas? Every help is appreciated.
It would help to know what client you are using. You don't need to forward all of ports 6881-6889 with most clients, and it appears that the latest official client (v.4) can work with only one port now too.
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