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Re: Best way to store all these downloads?

Originally Posted by snaimpally
What is par2 and is there a FAQ on how to create them?
Par2 is a data file reconstructor. Basically, by saying that I create recovery volumes with 20% redundancy, that means that 20% of the files on the DVD can become corrupt (or refuse to be read from the disc) and I can reconstruct all of them with just the 80% that is still readable. I've had many times where just 1 file becomes unreadable, and then I have to toss the entire show. This ensures that won't happen.

You can read more about the par2 algorithm and download the software to create the files and reconstruct incomplete sets here:

Can you provide more details on your database? Are you using Access?
I have been using a slightly tweaked setup of Music Collector for several years, though I am right now moving away from it towards a custom-built mySQL database that I get with my web-hosting service. This solution is admittedly a bit "over the top", but it does allow me a lot of options for creating custom searches and storing data. There are other programs out there designed specifically for storing audio information, but Music Collector is the only I've really gotten deep into, and it always did pretty much what I needed it to.

You could just as easily set one up in access if you don't have access to a mySQL server and you're willing to invest some time up front to developing a robust table structure and query set.

Having some type of database certainly makes it easy to keep track of where things are in your my case I have around 200 DVDs full of shows, and I'd never be able to find what I need without some way of tracking what is on each disc.

I did not know the Karma played flac. I wish more mp3 players would support flac/shn.
This is another topic of discussion altogether. I've come out in support of the Karma many times on this board because of it's ability to play FLAC. The Neuros is either done or almost done FLAC support, but no other players have gone that route, and I find it discouraging. The iPod responded to their customers' desire to have a lossless audio player, but instead of supporting already mande formats, they developed their own closed-and-copyrighted format, which is bigger and less usable than FLAC. So iPod users need to convert from FLAC to ALC, and then back again for trading . The Karma is the only one that'll do all this right now, so I continue to support it to people who download shows from this site.

As for SHN, due to certain restictions in the license, there are no commercial players that will be able to play those files. Unless you come up with a homegrown firmware for an already existant player, this feature won't be coming out anytime soon.
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