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Re: Best way to store all these downloads?

Originally Posted by RainDawg
I always backup the original lossless files to DVD-R discs. Poke through the FAQ a bit, and you'll see that burning to audio CD and then extracting again causes potential audio problems. In order to make sure I can always reseed or trade the files, I keep them in their original form.

I put together about 5-10 sets and then create par2 files with around 20% redundancy so that the entire block takes up exactly 1 DVD. This way if one or more of the files ever become corrupt on the original disc, I can rebuild the set from the rest of the files....this makes sure nothing ever degrades or gets lost at time goes on and the media wears a bit. The DVDs get put in slim 3CD cases to make sure they stay dust and scratch free. Each DVD is given a number, which is then recorded in my database, so that I can always find a show and see what disc it's on.

I find that this method is very effective and relatively cheap. At $1 per case and $0.50 for good DVD media, I can store about 20-30 shows for $2.50 (one filled 3-disc case of DVDs).

I also play the FLAC files on my Rio Karma for traveling in the car or taking to work, so I don't ever have to burn audio CDRs.
What is par2 and is there a FAQ on how to create them? Can you provide more details on your database? Are you using Access?

I did not know the Karma played flac. I wish more mp3 players would support flac/shn.
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