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Re: Best way to store all these downloads?

Originally Posted by TheMamba
I archive my shows to CDR or DVD. Office Depot sells some sleeves that are pretty cheap. Then I just put them in shoe boxes or whatever. Nothing fancy.

Hard part is keeping track of what do you and do not have so as to avoid the double download!
For plain paper sleeves, Sam's Club has them pretty cheap (500 sleeves for $5 I think). I use those when making copies for friends.

I agree with the part about keeping track to avoid downloading the same thing twice. I have been taking the info.txt file and using that info to create a 4.7" x 4.7" sheet that I slip in with the CD. I keep info, where it is available, about the band, musicians, date, location and venue, song list and time/length. I don't keep lineage though I do mention the source (SBD, AUD, FM etc). This is time consuming though but keeps things neat and I have enough to make a determination about a duplicate. If there is cover art, I just typically re-size the tray artwork and print it.

I like the DVD-R and CD-RW idea. But how do you keep track of what is on each DVD-R? Its harder to keep your collection organized since you have many different things on one DVD-R.
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