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Re: resizing and printing dvd covers

Originally Posted by wazoo2u
Nero has a decent Cover layout program included. I just used it today with an Epson 320 and turned out some damm nice covers. You can size and manipulate the image to your hearts content.
hey thanks alot. i have been working with that program for awhile now and have gotten pretty familiar with the basic operations. however, i am still have the same problem with the dvd covers. meaning the full page with front back and spine printing. when i use portrait mode it only prints about half of the image b/c its printing left to right. when you choose landscape it prints top to bottom but it's still cutting off the last 1/2" of the front part. is there a to get it to print the whole thing using portait mode or is 11" paper not gonna do it? it certainly should be fine. well, i hope you or someone else can shed some light or tell me exactly what their method is. thanks again.
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