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resizing and printing dvd covers

can anyone lend a hand to help me figure out the best way to print dvd covers? When i d/l a file that comes with a cover. open the picture and print straight from there it prints fine but it is about a 1/2" roughly to short in both height and width. so what i do is i go into my editing program. i then rotate to fit on the page horizontally and then size it up to 11" wide 7.5" tall. it prints fine but everytime it cuts off the last 1/2" of the end which would show up on the FRONT side, the BACK side is always perfectly fine. i have tried checking to see if maybe i had borders on, but no, and plus the back end never has anything that would be a border. i have tried making sure i have the right paper size and that seems to be ok. please help! i would much appreciate it. thanks folks
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