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cmd line ping syntax

I'm trying to determine if my modem has died. I can't remember what the syntax to ping. Yesterday my wife did something on her computer that she doesn't know what. I have 2 units hooked to an ethernet hub with a DSL modem. Both are xp /sp2. I did a system restore to 2 days ago. I can see info from one computer to another, so I know that the network is working. I do see that the hub sees the modem.I tried directly hooking the modem to my computer and no go. I changed the cables to the modem and to the phone line. I hooked a phone to the jack and it works. All the lights on the modem come on. Every time I try to get online I get the message that it is trying to find a dial up connection. I deleated all my internet connection software and reinstalled, and I still get the looking for dial up. For what it's worth the DSL modem and hub are about 5 years old. Any assistance would be great.
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