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Re: Linux, XMMS FLAC & SHN plugins help

Originally Posted by jaguaracer
Anybody out there have some experience? Or know of anyone with some experience?
I'd like to be able to listen to my FLAC and SHN files through XMMS like I did with winamp.
Would it be possible for someone to just send (attach) me the .so files and for me to put them in my plug-ins folder? I am having issues finding/installing the input plug-ins.
What are your "finding/installing" issues?

If you have downloaded the source, but can't compile/install them, then you are probably missing the XMMS "development" package from your distribution. Or in the case of FLAC, maybe you are missing lbFLAC and/or the libFLAC development packages.

But as jazzbo says, your distribution may already include those plugins. In Debian, typing "apt-get install xmms-flac" will do the job.
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