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Re: DVD Media

JC, it's all to do with the DYE used and not the make!

Ritek make the best dye's for blank DVD's, just like Taiyo Yuden make the best dye for blank CD's.

Look out for any DVD with a Ritek dye, namely Ritek's own A Grade brand. Their dye codes are G04 for 4x (and some 8x), G05 for 8x DVD-R (tho these two are now being replaced by M02).

I don't used Dual Layer, however, Ritek's latest code for these is D01 for DLDVD+R.

Also, I don't really use DVD+R, but again, Ritek's codes for these are R02 and R03.

Some Ritek blank DVD's use the code TTG02... I've never used these, so I can't comment, but I believe they may have something to do with Taiyo Yuden.

TY also make good blank DVD's with dye code TYG02 for 8x and TTG01 for 4x.

Hope that helps!
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