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Angry Re: Music Categories for torrents??

I think categories are a bad idea, especially if someone doing a search then has to properly guess what category their band might be in - either you don't get results shown even though your band is somewhere, or you have to run multiple queries guessing what category someone put your band in, or you do not get complete results, as the band might be in other categories too, etc, etc - you get the picture.
If somehow categories are put in regardless, my strong suggestion is to make sure that search can be done across all categories.
As I said, I don't see the benefits of categories, but see negatives. The only way categories may be good is if they are very distinct and non-overlapping, for example: rock, classical, jazz .... but as everything here would generally fall into the same category on that level, and be of interest to the same people, don't split it up further, because that just introduces more regular daily ongoing user confusion as to what might be in or fit in what category (ie - even rock vs. blues). It splits band up, as some people will put them in one category, some in another, some in a third, etc, confusing others later interested in that band.
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