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Re: cd-r media tests

Originally Posted by pawel
There is no rule that one manufacturer is better than other. It very much depends on your burner. For example TY works like a crap with my LiteOn 811S, same with most Verbatims (MCC, Ricoch), except 'pastel' serie. The most reliable for my burner is TDK.
although the above statements may be true, they can be misleading. true, no one manufacturer is better than others. but a lot of evidence based on user's experience indicates that the vast majority of CDRs made by Taiyo Yuden, Mitsui (now MAM-A), and Kodak (R.I.P.) were/are of excellent quality. hence, one could deduce from this that the TY/Mitsui/Kodak manufacturers are/were better than others (such as CMC Magnetics).

from what i can tell, the post above really is pointed toward CDR media compatibility with CDR burners, not toward CDR media quality in terms of longevity. in my own experience, i once bought a spindle of TDK CDRs, yes [b]once[/]. in less than 6 months, some of the CDRs started flaking, some looked fine but were unreadable even in EAC and ISOBuster. because of that, i'd never buy TDK CDRs again, even if they were the least expensive discs i could find that were compatible with my CD burners.

for me the longevity of the media (how long the data will last) is more important than its compatibility on various CD burners.
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