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Re: What's with Hungercity again?

Originally Posted by dementrium View Post
Originally Posted by vladsmythe View Post
No, not me. I'm a member in very good standing there. It would be silly for me to hack one of the only places I haven't been banned from. OOPS...I almost leaked who I think it is.
This time, seriously.
When the first 'problem' happened over there I was just registered and spotted a Beatles video I was interested in.
Long story short. That day someone was banned and the next day 'happened' the problem. Coincidence?
Off topic: dementrium, have you ever been told that you bear an uncanny resemblence to Race Bannon, assistant to Dr. Benton Quest, Johnny Quest's father?
"Anyone that likes Bob Wills' music is bound to have some good in them."
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