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Re: What's with Hungercity again?

Originally Posted by U2Lynne View Post
Originally Posted by vladsmythe View Post
No I don't think it was hacked Lynne. I think they had some problems with the forums a day ago, and they have to do some routine maintenance. I love conspiracy theories though...never trust a member with shifty, beady eyes...I can also tell you that I am not at all skillful with computer stuff. Hell, I can't even figure out how to sneak back in Tapecity!
Haha! You had me going. I thought you were serious about it being hacked again and I must say, I was really feeling for those guys. It's frustrating as hell to play with servers!

As for TC.... proxies. Oh, and of course, never forget to clear your cookies. But, why go to a place where you aren't wanted? There are so many other tracker sites to go to - have you tried Zomb yet? Or Lossless Legs? or Purelivegigs? or jamtothis? or..... I could go on and on.
I know this is hard to believe, but DAMN IT...I LOVE THOSE KNUCKLEHEADS!
I especially miss trading holiday recipes in the shoutbox...
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