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Re: Convertig .rm to wav?


there's a plugin called Tara that can play .rm files using winamp, then use the nullsoft disc writer plugin (out_disc.dll) to spit out a WAV file. You can even configure it to kill null samples at the beginning. You will probably need a WAV editor to crop the beginning and end to taste... just highlight and push "delete", make sure you leave a tiny bit of silence to prevent pops. Then resave the WAV and burn that. You could even split the WAV just make sure that it's on the sector boundaries or the audio cdr will go "POP!!" between tracks that aren't separated by silence.

To use the Tara plugin, you need realplayer installed (but you don't have to open it). The real alternative might work, too, not sure.

I'm using a hotrodded Winamp v2.81 and an older version of the Tara plug, but I'm pretty sure you will be able to get this working.

Oh, here's the Audacity link:


old versions of winamp (the new version is probably fine anyways):

Also, if you have Cool Edit Pro 1.x you can just open .rm with that (but not with 2.x+ versions!).

Let me know if you get it, I've got a few other ways to do it if this doesn't work for you.
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