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Okay, where's RainDawg? It doesn't like Tom Waits either.

I rebooted, and tried som other shows, some have been checked previously, some not, don't know which are which at this point, which is why I'm tyring to archive like a fiend, but it's not working.

So far...

Nick Cave
John Lennon
Tom Waits
Sam Phillips

Flac has taken on a life of its own and is banning some of my shows!!! This must have something to do with that cigar smoking little guy uhclem found in that little white hole.

You know, I've been thinking of reformatting and getting a fresh install of everything. My system has been rebooting itself every once in a while and maintenance didn't fix it, so I think its due for that. Maybe I'll do that this afternoon. This is getting too weird. It's really splitting by artist!
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