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So it loves my John Lennon shows and verifies them fine. Has been fine with all my other shows. But it won't verify or decode my Nick Cave shows! I've tried several of them. So I was running Flac Frontend v1.7.1 and thought maybe the guy was using a newer version so I 'upgraded" (to a lower version #???) and got v1.7 going now, though the installer I downloaded said it was v1.1.2 so that makes no sense to me but whatever. Seems to me that was the version of some binaries I put into my system32 folder the other day. Sheesh, I'm not really totally computer illiterate but I don't know about binaries and all that stuff...

Well it still verifies my other shows fine but still won't verify my Nick Cave shows. I checked the messages for the first show I found this on and people only had problems with one track and when they took the ' out of the name it worked fine. But NONE of my tracks work. So I tried some more Nick shows and still they don't work. I pm'd the guy who upped these and asked him what he used to encode them in case that makes a difference. Does it?

I wanted to check all these and get them off my drive but there seems to be some discrimination going on here. I mean even if you don't like Nick Cave's songs you would have to let him pass due to artistic merit. Damn Frontend.

Oh, and I ran shntool on one show and it did it fine. Don't know if that means anything.
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