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Re: Sector Bound Errors and Burning lossless files

Thanks for your reply and offer for additional help Uhclem! My primary concern is learning how to archive the lossless files on DVDs or CDs for future use and trading. I may make a few audio discs here and there so I'll eventually need to correct these errors anyways. Many of the shn files that I currently have are on more than one disc. Based on your post, it sounds like I need to run each disc or set independently through as opposed to just running the whole performance.

I just ran the len command for a performance with 3 discs and found that all the files have a sector bound error under the CD-R column. So in this case, I believe that I would have to run the fix command with your suggested arguments 3 times, once for each disc. Afterwards, I would burn the audio disc using EAC/NERO. Is this correct?


I don't know if this is helpful, but I found the shn entry on for the performance in question: here
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