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Re: More on vinyl transfer/lineage questions

why not buy an A/D converter that has firewire/usb instead of spending a bunch of money on a standalone cd recorder? after looking up my old converter [ i see its discontinued], the site recommended the Canopus ADVC110 as a comparable product--most of the pro-sumer Canopus/Sony/etc models fall in the $200-$300 range...but these will transfer both VIDEO & AUDIO...

another option--i just picked up a Edirol UA5 for field recording, but it will also be used for studio work [as well as transferring a stack of old vinyl for my girl's folks]...i got it from the Oade Bros. modified for field use for around 300 bucks...NICE little piece of equipment...for AUDIO conversion only

just a few thoughts on yer situation...

i also want to reiterate what h_vargas said re: your needle...i can't stress enough the importance of quality turntables/needles if you plan on seeding this vinyl transfer [if its just for personal listening, do whatever ya want]...for really good prices on needles [assuming you have the removable cartridge hubs], check out for quality needles/turntables...

hope that helps a little...
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