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Re: More on vinyl transfer/lineage questions

Thanks for the reply, Five. I guess I was a bit vague and should clarify a few things:

Originally Posted by Five
look on the back, check the manual. does your standalone even have digital outputs? you'll also need a soundcard that can take digital inputs.
I don't actually have a standalone recorder now, it was just one option I was considering to achieve A-D conversion outside the noisy environment of a computer.

Originally Posted by Five
The rule concerning unnecessary CDR generations mainly applies to Silver CDs (i.e. pressed bootlegs). You lineage would be legal, if you are sure this is your best option then it is necessary.
OK - I understand now.

Originally Posted by Five
I don't understand what the DAT has to do with this... If the DAT has functional preamps and a digital output you could pipe that into your computer if you find it to be cleaner than the digital inputs on your soundcard (as often is the case).
I was thinking in terms of LPs > external A-D converter > WAV as a general lineage, and I was checking different ideas for the external A-D converter bit. As it happens, there may be life in the DAT recorder after all, so I'd record the analogue sources to DAT and then digitally transfer to my PC. Hope I've clarified everything and thanks again for the answer!
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