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More on vinyl transfer/lineage questions

I've read and participated in some of the other threads on this topic, and I believe that external conversion from analog to digital is the way forward for me to seed a vinyl boot or two I have acquired. A couple of questions:

- Can consumer standalone hi-fi CD recorders typically be used as A/D converters without needing to re-rip the CD recorded? In other words, can you connect a turntable and hit record, but get a digital stream out of the recorder?

- I take it that vinyl > CD-R (hifi standalone recorder) > EAC > WAV > compress is NOT a legal lineage here, because of the prohibition on unnecessary CD-R generations?

- If I'm correct with my previous point, what about the following idea for conversion: record from the records onto a CD-R using a standalone recorder, then play the resulting CD back and stream the digital output of a CD player into the digital in of a PC soundcard? Would this be permitted by the rules here?

I ask, because I recently bought a DAT recorder off eBay but when I got it home, it refused to work. The seller is understanding and I hope to get my money back. I could take my chance on other eBay DAT recorders, but "once bitten"...!
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