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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Originally Posted by Dana Gillespie View Post
i think a rude comment from a high ratio user has at least a little more substance than a rude comment from someone who never shares.
That's total bullshit. You have absolutely no idea how much someone who "never shares" might have shared outside of TTD torrents. Maybe his ratio is in the tank because he has a slow connection, and he downloaded a year-old 3-DVD set of his best friend's first show that had no other downloaders on it, but then he turned around and burned five copies of that show (15 DVDs) for friends in "real life".

Maybe he's been a tape trader for 20 years who's done B&P's, tape trees, CD vines and every other form of sharing before he ever heard of "TTD". Proclaiming that a person "never shares" simply based on their current ratio at one bittorrent site is a near-perfect blend of ignorance and arrogance.
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