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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Originally Posted by Jesus Christ View Post
recently i have very seriously considered the notion that members with bad ratios should be forbidden from posting comments.

i think the site should automatically block comments from members until their ratio is 1.0.

i see people with appalling ratios whining, criticising, even attacking. i see the same morons doing it again and again.

it should be possible to link the member's ability to post comments to their ratio. i think this would be a good thing.

these assholes that download but never share back have no right to verbally assault people who take sharing seriously.

that's as far as a ban should go. when i discovered (quite by accident), well, i can tell you, i downloaded a hell of a lot of shows that i had never been able to trade, and, in fact, a great many shows that i didn't even know existed. obviously, that gave me a trashy ratio to start. but i had the ethic in place, intrinsically, naturally, that i should seed the stuff back. it was no big deal, although it seemed a mountain to climb, building 0.05 up to 1:1.... but it actually was an easy thing in the end. but if i'd been banned, i couldn't have done it.

the one thing i knew when my ratio was trash was that i shouldn't attack people that had been sharing on the site for longer than i had, or to better effect. i don't think that high (good) ratios need necessarily create a hierachy, or some kind of 'Club Class'... but i do think that low (bad) ratio users should keep their thoughts to themselves until they have earned the right to criticise.
But that's under the assumption that 100% of the people who have bad ratios are doing it because they're just trying to snatch and run, and have no intentions of seeding back.

I understand the idea behind what you're suggesting, and far be it from me to question Jesus Christ, but I think that's going to do more harm than good.

True, if you're only here to steal bandwidth by raping the torrents and not giving anything back, yes, you really shouldn't say anything to others that DO.

However, not everyone that has a bad ratio is the result of raping torrents.

And as for the attacks and all, just from my week (or less) of being here, I've noticed that everyone seems to attack everyone, so you could say they're just fitting in. Everyone is rude to everyone, so it's not like the leecher is standing out.
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