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Jesus Christ
Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

recently i have very seriously considered the notion that members with bad ratios should be forbidden from posting comments.

i think the site should automatically block comments from members until their ratio is 1.0.

i see people with appalling ratios whining, criticising, even attacking. i see the same morons doing it again and again.

it should be possible to link the member's ability to post comments to their ratio. i think this would be a good thing.

these assholes that download but never share back have no right to verbally assault people who take sharing seriously.

that's as far as a ban should go. when i discovered (quite by accident), well, i can tell you, i downloaded a hell of a lot of shows that i had never been able to trade, and, in fact, a great many shows that i didn't even know existed. obviously, that gave me a trashy ratio to start. but i had the ethic in place, intrinsically, naturally, that i should seed the stuff back. it was no big deal, although it seemed a mountain to climb, building 0.05 up to 1:1.... but it actually was an easy thing in the end. but if i'd been banned, i couldn't have done it.

the one thing i knew when my ratio was trash was that i shouldn't attack people that had been sharing on the site for longer than i had, or to better effect. i don't think that high (good) ratios need necessarily create a hierachy, or some kind of 'Club Class'... but i do think that low (bad) ratio users should keep their thoughts to themselves until they have earned the right to criticise.
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