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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Originally Posted by dasanitoyomi View Post
Well since joining a few days ago, I've caught unholy hell from the uppity bastards in the lounge. I understand it to a point, but I think most of it is just people thinking they're just having a laugh or something. *shrugs*

I managed to upload 3 gigs yesterday while being firewalled, and will be uploading while sleeping (which I should be doing now) and all day Sunday so....hopefully I get closer to a 1:1 ratio by Monday.

I'm kinda glad there is no ratio enforcement (aside from the assholes) so that gives me time to try to figure out the port forward thing, as I'm not really familiar with torrents.
Familiarizing yourself with torrents "before" uploading is a better idea than just jumping in the water without testing the temperature.

Just my opinion....which is only worth what I might perceive it to be.


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