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Re: Track transition problems - I feel foolish...

Originally Posted by pmonk66
Checking for sbe's when the tracks are entered into the playlist (ID'ing them by having the tracks with the sbe show up in red and with the code)
Yes, that's how I do it. In fact, I just have the track time show up in green if it's SB aligned or red if it isn't. Since I drag all new files into foobar when I get them to put file tags on them, I just do a quick glance to see if there are any red file in lot. The formatting string posted here on TTD had an extra bit at the end where it tells you how many samples out it is (if I recall) but I don't really care about that, just yes or no.

Originally Posted by pmonk66
What do you mean by this???
Sometimes you download files that are flawed...they have the silences already at the end. Sometimes you download files that have SBEs. The files will play flawlessly, but once you burn them, the gaps will appear. I draw a distinction between files that arrived on my hard drive already flawed and ones that got flawed while they were burnt.
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